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Results 2020 – A very different year

Competition Winner Runner Up
Mens Covid Singles Stan Lucas Martin Bernard
Ladies Covid Singles Ann Case
Fixed Jack Stan Lucas Tom McDonnell
Charity Cup Elaine Hall-Freeman, Bill Aves
Andy Aiken
Triples League Joan Smith, John Nash,
George Beach, Lester Emmanuel,



Sunday 26 May – Jim Langton Cup

Results 2019

Always a terrific competition especially as players choose their own partner.  Finally the very worthy winners this year were Pam Sullivan and Lester Emanuel.  Congratulations to them and commiserations to the Runners Up, Joan Smith and Ernie Vaughan.


Competition Winner Runner Up
Open Junior Handicap Andy Aiken Vanessa Warren
Ladies Pairs Elaine Hall-Freeman &                    Kay Halls Beryl Marchetti &                                      Dawn Kirby
Ladies Handicap Elaine Hall-Freeman Pat Isaac
Ladies Championship Pam Sullivan Beryl Marchetti
Mixed Pairs Elaine Hall-Freeman &                    Ernie Vaughan Ann Case &                                            Lester Emanuel
Mens Junior Handicap See Open Junior Handicap
Mens Vets George Beach David Isaac
Mens Pairs Alan McDermott &                            Tom McDonnell George Beach &                                Andy Aiken
Mens Handicap Robin Boosey George Beach
Mens Championship David Isaac Des Halls



Results 2018

Sunday 27 May – Jim Langton Cup

A great day – the weather was extremely kind and there was some excellent bowling.   Stan Lucas and Ron Thompson  played like champions and are this year’s Winners.   Frank Jezzard and Alan McDermott were in with a chance but are this year’s Runners Up.  Great bowling – well done to you all.

Sunday 10 June – Charity Mixed Drive

Today’s winning team were Brenda Mounstephen, Vanessa Warren and Peter Spring.  Well done!

Sunday 24 June – Open Two Woods

A beautiful sunny day and very happy players.  Thee eventual finalists were the ‘two Davids’;  the victor was David Isaac with  David Bowman the worthy Runner Up.  A great match – well done both!

Sunday 15 July – Drawn Triples

Jean Walls skippered Kay Halls and Betty MacLeod into victory today with male trio, Alan Mounstephen with Iain Walls and John Hindley, bringing up the runners-up position.  Congratulations.

Sunday 5 August – Fixed Jack

A hot day and a hot competition!  Eventual winner was Charlie Hindley who, in the final, triumphed over Elaine Hall-Freeman.  Superb bowling – well done to you both.

Tuesday 14 August – Ancients & Moderns

Some familiar names on the cups this year!   Overall winners this year – the Ancients.  Their winning rink – Stan Lucas with Iain Walls  and David Bowman will be receiving the Ancients’ cup and the Moderns’ cup will be going to Martin Bernard with Andy Aiken and Tom McDonnell.  Well done Guys.

Monday 27 August – Captains v Vice Captains

What a turn-around from last year!   Vice Captains’ were this year’s victors with 113 shots to the Captains’ 71.  Top rink for the VC’s were Giulio Marchetti, Stan Lucas and Des Halls and for the Captains’ were Brenda Mounstephen, Betty MacLeod and Connie Bowman.  Very enjoyable matches across the Green – well done everyone.

Sunday 16 September – Centenary Cup [Australian Pairs]

A great day weather-wise and bowling-wise!  Alan Mounstephen and George Beach were this year’s winning pair and the gallant runners-up were Chris Horner and Andy Aiken.  Congratulations.

Sunday 30 September – Ladies v Gents

A good day – lucky with the weather.  Ladies had to ‘borrow’ a few men again this year and they were magnificent but still the Gents were the victors beating the Ladies by 10 shots, so Well Done to them.


Competition Winner Runner Up
Ladies Silver Plate Pat Isaac Vanessa Warren
Ladies Pairs Pam Sullivan &       Pat Isaac Jan Vaughan & Vanessa Warren
Ladies Handicap Elaine Hall-Freeman Jan Vaughan
Ladies Championship Beryl Marchetti Elaine Hall-Freeman
Mixed Pairs Jan  Vaughan & Andy Aiken Giulio Marchetti & Connie Bowman
Mens Junior Handicap George Beach Martin Bernard
Mens Vets  Des Halls David Isaac
Mens Pairs Lester Emanuel & Andy Aiken George Beach &  Martin Bernard
Mens Handicap Des Halls Alan Mounstephen
Mens Championship George Beach Alan Mounstephen



Results 2017

Sunday 28 May – Jim Langton Cup

Ken Harris and Martin Bernard retained the Cup with Stan Lucas and Ron Thompson being worthy Runners Up.  Well done all of you!

Sunday 11 June – Charity Mixed Drive

Joan Smith, Iain Walls and Betty MacLeod skippered by Bill Aves were the  quartet  who were today’s winners.  What a team – well done!

Sunday 25 June – Open Two Woods

After an extremely exciting semi final, we had a very close final, the winner being Ken Harris with a worthy runner up in Pat McDonnell.

Sunday 16 July – Drawn Triples

The happy trio who had a super close match and eventually triumphed were Kay Halls, Iain Walls and Tom McDonnell.  Just two shots behind were Ron Hall-Freeman, Connie Bowman and Robin Boosey.  Such is Bowls!

Sunday 6 August – Fixed Jack

A great day climaxing with an exciting final.  Stan Lucas lost out to David Isaac.  Well done to you both and congratulations to David.

Tuesday 15 August – Ancients & Moderns

This ‘manly’ evening was again an successful event enjoyed by all our ancient and modern men!  Stan Lucas, Giulio Marchetti and Eric Pelling claimed the Ancients’ cup with the Moderns’ victory being taken by Frank Jezzard and Tom McDonnell.  Well done to you all.

Monday 28 August – Captains v Vice Captains

On this very hot day, the Captains’ teams excelled – 126 shots to the Vice Captains’ 69…  (A real mixture of happy and less-happy faces!)  Janet, Stan, Carol and Ron T were the top rink for the Captains with a shot difference of 23 and Brenda, Joan and Connie managed a 12 shot difference for the Vice Captains.

Sunday 17 September – Centenary Cup [Australian Pairs]

Thankfully not raining but it wasn’t terribly warm for this very challenging version of Bowls!  An exciting final game with Eric Pelling and Pat McDonnell claiming victory from their gallant runners-up, Stan Lucas and Alan McDermott.

Sunday 24 September – Ladies v Gents

Hip hip hooray!   The Ladies were triumphant by just a few shots but….!  Have to admit that our ‘token’ ladies did help us (they were the top rink) but it was a fun – albeit wet – afternoon.







Runner Up


Ladies Silver Plate Dawn & Jean to play their Final in May  


Ladies Pairs Brenda Mounstephen & Connie Bowman


Elaine Hall-Freeman & Kay Halls


Ladies Handicap Brenda Mounstephen


Pat McDonnell


Ladies Championship Brenda Mounstephen


Connie Bowman


Mixed Pairs Giulio Marchetti & Beryl Marchetti


Pat McDonnell & Terry Marner


Mens Junior Handicap Alan McDermott


Frank Jezzard


Mens Vets Giulio Marchetti


Tom McDonnell


Mens Pairs Alan Mounstephen & Robin Boosey


David Bowman & Des Halls


Mens Handicap Hassan Jemal


David Bowman


Mens Championship Hassan Jemal


George Beach


Results 2016

Sunday 29 May – Jim Langton Cup

Ken Harris and Martin Bernard triumphed over last year’s champs, Eric Pelling and John Mayhew.

Sunday 12 June – Charity Mixed Drive

This year’s team winners were Elaine Hall-Freeman, Alan McDermott and Martin Bernard

Sunday 26 June – Open Two Woods

Eventual winner was Brenda Mounstephen and the runner-up was Martin Bernard.

Sunday 17 July – Drawn Triples

The Cup this year goes to Martin Bernard, Kay Halls and Jean Walls.  Congratulations. No cup but a Well Done to the runners-up – Lester Emanuel, Terry Marner and Ann Case.

Sunday 7 August – Fixed Jack

A very close final between John Mayhew and Brenda Mounstephen resulted in Brenda winning the trophy this year.

Tuesday 16 August – Ancients & Moderns

The Gentlemen had a great evening – a good bowls game followed by a super supper.  The bar was open and the jokes and stories also flowed!   The winning Ancients were Lester Emanuel, Giulio Marchetti and Terry Andrews and the winning Moderns were Alan McDermott and Ken Harris.  Well done Gents.

Monday 29 August – Captains v Vice Captains

Captains 111 and Vice Captains 97 – pretty close.  Top Rink for the Captains were Ken Harris, Elaine Hall-Freeman and Betty Helman; for the Vice Captains were Brenda Mounstephen, Dawn Kirby and Tom McDonnell.

Sunday 18 September – Centenary Cup

Australian Pairs for this competition.  Three preliminary games, quarter final, semi final and an exciting final.  Stan Lucas and Martin Bernard were the winners with Ann Case and Tom McDonnell being the worthy runners-up.

Sunday 25 September – Ladies v Gents

Ladies scored 112  and Gents, 106 – an overall win of 6 shots.  An important victory for the Ladies!  Top rink included Brenda Mounstephen, Joan Smith and George Beach and the Gents’ top rink were Ron Hall-Freeman, Terry Marner, Iain Walls and Stan Lucas.

and finally…


Competition Winner Runner Up
Ladies Silver Plate Pat McDonnell Ann Case
Ladies Pairs Pam Sullivan & Brenda Mounstephen Jean Walls & Sue Muller
Ladies Handicap Janet Vaughan Sheila Pyne
Ladies Championship Pam Sullivan Janet Vaughan
Mixed Pairs Eric Pelling & Jean Walls Martin Bernard & Pam Sullivan
Mens Vets Ken Harris David Bowman
Mens Pairs John Sanders & Ken Harris Hassan Jemal & Alan Mounstephen
Mens Handicap Lester Emanuel Alan Mounstephen
Mens Championship Louis Goldsmith Hassan Jemal






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