Club Play




The Green Ranger shall allocate a rink or rinks for all representative competitions, inter-club matches and private entries for outside competitions.

Not more than four (4) rinks may be reserved for competitions at any one time.

Provided there is not a home match of three (3) rinks or more, four (4) rinks may be assigned to organised Club play on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.  Vacant rinks can also be used.

A minimum of three (3) rinks will be assigned for Sunday morning organised club play with a maximum of two (2) rinks for coaching and one (1) rink for competitions.

Entries for organised club play on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons should be signed in by 2.15 pm with a 2.30 pm start and on Sunday morning by 9.45 am with a 10.00 am start.

Four (4) rinks will be assigned for Wednesday mornings ‘Short Jack’ play commencing at 10.30 am.  These sessions are designed for members who physically can no longer participate in organised club play or enter competitions.

For Thursday evening club play, three (3) rinks may be assigned with 5.45 pm sign-in for 6.00 pm start.  Two (2) rinks will be for general play and (1) rink can be used for competitions.  On evenings with no competition, three (3) rinks can be used for general play.

On Thursday afternoons two (2) rinks may be used for junior coaching between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm and 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm.

For all inter-club matches at home and away, the priority for eligible players should be to offer themselves for selection.  When a match is at home players not selected nor otherwise involved may use all but one of any available rink for competitions.

Matches and competitions must be entered in the Rink Reservation Book as soon as arranged and where appropriate markers appointed prior to date of play.  Priority for fixed date competitions.

When all contestants in a club competition are present and ready to play, they may select any available rink.  No such reservations may be made in advance.  Morning matches must finish by 2.00 pm and afternoon matches by 6.00 pm.

A rink or rinks may be used for a private match by arranging with the Secretary.

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