Etiquette and Duties


Some Notes for New Bowlers (and established bowlers too!)

Arrival at the Club

  • Do not arrive in bowling shoes as you may carry harmful fungus on the soles.
  • Try to arrive early enough to welcome visitors and help assemble equipment ready for the game or match.  Don’t forget to help put it all away at the end!

Etiquette on the Green

  • Dress correctly in accordance with club rules.  [See Dress on the Green]
  • Always shake hands with your opponents before and after the game.
  • Never make comments about your colleagues’ or opponents’ abilities.
  • If you cannot give praise, then keep quiet.
  • Never clap a lucky shot but always applaud a good one, even if it’s your opponent’s.
  • Never wave an opponent’s bowl into the ditch or past the jack.
  • Always stay well behind the mat, or head, when it is not your turn to bowl.
  • Never complain about the green, including your own.
  • When your bowl comes to rest, immediately pass possession of the mat to your opponent.
  • Do not run on the green.
  • Do not walk close to the rink boundary but always walk down the middle of the rink.
  • Be a good ambassador for the club and the game of bowls.

Trial Ends

  • These are used to find the speed and line of the rink.

Duties of Team Members

  • Lead (or Number One) – his/her duty is to place the mat and deliver the jack according to the Skip’s instructions.
  • The Number Two’s duty is to attend to the scoreboard and in a Triples match take on the duties of the Number Three.
  • The Number Three should be able to ‘read the head’ and advise the Skip the best shot to play.  They must also measure any close shots that are not obvious and must sure to have the necessary measures, wedges, chalk always to hand.
  • The Skip (or Number Four) must be able to play all types of shots and instruct team members in the correct hand and right shot to play.  He/she must at all times encourage their team and never blame a member for bowling a bad wood. The Skip also keeps the score card.


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