Dress on the Green


Revised Bye-Law No 7 

Whites – plain white or club shirt; with White tailored or bowls skirt/trousers/crops/shorts

Greys – plain white or club shirt; with Grey tailored or bowls skirt/trousers/crops or grey/white shorts

  • For all club play, competitions and matches, home or away, the dress is Whites or Greys depending on the status of the game as set out in the Fixtures book.
  • When using spare rinks alongside home matches, the dress is Greys.  For markers of singles matches, dress is according to the status of the game.
  • Casual clothes may be worn only for the Roll-ups on Thursday evening and Sunday morning but Greys if playing a club competition
  • Approved bowling shoes must be worn at all times preferably white with Whites.








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