Executive Committee Members

We protect our Members by not publishing personal addresses and telephone numbers on line.  If you wish to make contact with one our members, please visit our Contact page. Your message/query will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

President Mrs E Hall-Freeman
Vice President Mrs J Vaughan
Secretary Mrs A Case
Treasurer A Aiken
Men’s Captain A McDermott
Men’s Vice Captain T Marner
Match Secretary (non Exec) Mrs D Aiken
Green Ranger D Halls
Social Co-ordinator Mrs P Isaac
Bar Chairperson Vacant
Ladies’ Captain Mrs J Vaughan
Ladies’ Vice Captain Mrs P Sullivan
Catering Officer Vacant
Membership Secretary E Vaughan
Competition Secretary Vacant
Publicity Officer C Horner
Webmistress (non Exec) Mrs S McDermott
 Playing Members Mrs P Hyde
   L Goldsmith


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