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Visit us – especially on a Thursday evening or Sunday morning.  But why not leave your details on our Contacts page and we’ll get back to you very quickly.


Guess what?  Our fees

for 2021 are unchanged and fantastic!


Subscription Fees – 2021

Full Playing Membership                        £150.00

Junior Membership*                                 £20.00

Social Membership                                    £30.00

Spouse/Partner Social Membership   £10.00

Family Membership†*                               £60.00


and that’s all you pay to play.   Nothing extra for roll-ups or matches^… just have to pay for tea or supper depending on the status of the game.

†  Includes all members of a family aged 8 years or over for which bowling is limited to Sundays from 9.45 am to 1.45 pm except for an occasional all-day club event.

*  Children (8-18 years) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to act as chaperone.  This is a Child Protection requirement.


^Entry to Club Competitions – £2.50 each – goes towards the cost of presentation awards.

As a new bowler, ask for details of our special reduced fee to help with equipment expenses.

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