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Bye-Law No 5

  •  Competition sheets shall be posted on the Club Notice Boards showing the result of the draw, handicaps and the finishing dates of all rounds.  The first name/s in each pair shall be the challenger, who must offer this opponent two dates before the finishing date of the particular round; but failure to do so, after 50% of the allotted time has elapsed, then the opponent becomes the challenger for the rest of the time of the round.  Should the round still not be played off in time, the Selection Committee shall scratch both parties if they deem it necessary.
  • No member may enter the Club competitions if they have entered or intend to enter competitions of any other outside Bowling Club in the current season.
  • For Club Pairs competitions, the player who is skip in the first round must continue in that position for all subsequent rounds.

Bye-Laws – Revised January 2016 read Bye-laws 2016


As a marker you can make or break a game!  ALWAYS

  • Be prepared! Have with you pen/pencil, chalk, measure, scorecard and a coin to toss.
  • Ensure that an umpire kit is readily accessible.
  • Ensure that the rink is prepared with two mats, two 2m sticks, a jack, ditch markers and a scoreboard.
  • Ensure that you know the names of the players and can identify their woods.
  • Oversee the toss. Challenger Calls  ie the opposition tosses NOT  the marker.
  • Remind the players that the mat Must be straightened BEFORE the jack is cast.
  • Tell the players that you will mark ‘touchers’ IMMEDIATELY they come to rest.
  • Remind them that they may only ask questions when they have possession of the rink and to think about how they phrase a question. If you are a player “What is the situation?” is a useful phrase
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the jack is of legal length.  Measure if unsure.
  • Keep your attention on the game and stand still when a bowl is about to be delivered.
  • Give clear information when asked direct questions. State distances clearly.
  • Never say you ‘fancy’ a shot. If you are not sure say it is a measure.
  • Do not approach the head before the players reach it and do not give your opinion as to who has shot.
  • It is for the players to decide. Only measure if asked to and wedge any wood in danger of falling.
  • The players may ask for a delay of 30 seconds but it is not for you to suggest.
  • When asked, be clear who has shot eg 1 shot for Ann or 2 shots for Fred.
  • Mark the scorecard immediately and turn the scoreboard  EVERY end.
  • In two-wood singles, ensure that the ends are shown on the scoreboard, but not in four-wood  singles.
  • Walk quickly up the rink so as not to delay the game.
  • NEVER take out the shot wood. The players may ask to measure for themselves or ask for an umpire. Only an umpire turns out the shot wood.
  • If it is a very tight measure and the players cannot agree, suggest that an umpire be called. If an umpire (any competent person) comes on, ALL players and the marker stand well clear.
  • Keep the players informed of the score.
  • Try not to stand in front of the same spectators every time and do not chat with the spectators.
  • Ensure both players sign the score card at the end of the game.




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