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The home of Bowling in Southgate since 1912

Where we meet

Selborne Bowling Club is situated behind

Ye Olde Cherry Tree Pub

The Mall    Southgate    N14 6LL

[and the entrance is at the end of the car park]

When we meet

Our Bowling Green is open from mid April until the end of September and we also meet socially throughout the year as well as coming together during the winter to play indoor matches.

What we do

The Club has a full programme of organised club matches and competitions as well as matches against other clubs.  Many members also play in competitions organised by various Bowling Associations.

Unless the rinks are being used for maintenance, matches or organised play, members have access to the green at any time.

Currently there are around 50 full playing members.  Non-playing partners and spouses are social members – as are our older playing members who are no longer able to be active team players – who join us for social activities throughout the bowling season and the winter months.  Thursday nights are club nights throughout the year.  Wonderful evenings to ‘muck in’ with friends having a simple supper and drinks from our fully licensed bar.

Why not join us?

Traditionally, we have Open Days in early May but you are welcome to ‘try out’ any time – and there’s no time like now…

You will just love it!  

Visit us at the Club; no previous experience is required and potential new members can immediately have a free introductory coaching session. Our standard coaching times are Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings or at mutually convenient times arranged with our coaches. (All equipment will be provided for the coaching sessions but, to protect the green, you will need to wear flat soled shoes.)  These are also good times to meet members having our ‘dress-down’ roll up sessions.

Find out more!

Tour our website, visit our Contact page or call into the club on a Thursday evening or Sunday morning. We look forward to meeting you.

and this is how our own A N Observer describes our Green…

I have often made the observation that as one opens the car park gate, a panorama of infinite beauty stands before me. The quiet charm of the elegant clubhouse, the green, the hedges and surrounding trees and shrubs. Our many sheds blending into the background and a myriad of chairs and benches carefully placed but what really enhances this vista is……the flowers!

I think some of us walk past without noticing them but we would surely miss them if they were not there.

As we walk in, to the right is our gazebo, sporting several well-kept and colourful pots. More can be found alongside the equipment shed. Pass by the changing rooms and in the corner is a compelling piece of topiary. Turning towards the clubhouse, is a prime location for a rather magnificent display of blooms and edibles. Carry on and you pass a tub of herbs and various troughs of flowers, right up to the clubhouse, which is itself festooned with a floral display of eye catching beauty. The display continues with a fine trough of flowers in front of the Travel Lodge and more on the far side of the green, in front of the car park fence.

All this is done voluntarily by club members, planted and maintained (at their own expense) throughout the season. In all, I think 14 people are involved. Good on you all. I hope your efforts are appreciated and you will continue to please us with your horticultural expertise and flair in the future. You truly deserve entry into the ‘Unsung Heroes Hall of Fame’.

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